403B Salary Reduction Agreement Form                                             Authorization to Deduct 403B Contributions from Employees Paycheck
Additional Compensation Form - Faculty Request Additional Compensation for Faculty
Additional Compensation Form- Professional Staff Request Additional Compensation for Professional Staff
Address and Telephone Change Form Change your Address and Telephone Number
AFSCME Finalist Assessment Form Hiring Manager must complete for AFSCME job applicants
Beneficiary Change Form for State Retirement System Designate Beneficiaries for the State Employees Retirement System (SERS)
Computing Access Request Form Request an electronic log-on account
Critical Needs Form The Critical Needs Process will allow for an in depth review of position requests whereby attempting to address the current hiring needs of the University. (revised August 2015)
Dependent Care Expense Reimbursement Form Request Reimbursement for Dependent Care Expenses
Direct deposit form Electronic Deposit of Paycheck into Employee's Bank Account
Domestic Partnership Statement Form Declare Domestic Partnership for Same-Sex Couples
EEO Assurance Form Search and Screen Committees Members must sign this form
Employment Continuation or New Assignment Employment Continuation or New Assignment for existing temporary employees
Employment Status Form   This document is to determine the type of work to be performed and whether it qualifies for temporary hire or independent contractor
Evaluation Form- AFSCME Annual Performance Review - AFSCME Union Member
Evaluation Form- ESU Annual Performance Review - ESU Union Member
Evaluation Form - ESU - Quarterly   Quarterly Evaluation Form
Evaluation Form- IBPO Annual Performance Review - IBPO Union Member
Evaluation Form- Maintainer Annual Performance Review - Maintainer Union Member
Exit Interview Questionnaire Identify factors which have contributed to an employee's decision to leave employment
Faculty Activities Report Faculty Activities Report - Used for Annual Review
Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Form  Enroll in Flexible Spending Account
FMLA (#1) FMLA Application Form (PRINT THIS & either 2a OR 2b) Request Family and Medical Leave from the University (FMLA)
FMLA (#2a)  Certification of Health Care Provider for EMPLOYEE'S Serious Health Condition Provide Medical Certification from your Physician for (FMLA)
FMLA (#2b)  Certification of Health Care Provider for FAMILY MEMBER'S Serious Health Condition Provide Medical Certification from the Family Member's Physician for (FMLA)
Form 30 Classified Position Description Template Develop a Classified Position Description - Form 30
Health Care Expense Reimbursement Form Request Reimbursement for Health Care Expenses
Health Insurance Benefits Acknowledgment Form Familiarize Yourself with Benefit Options Available
Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form (GIC Form-1) Enroll in Health, Basic Life, Optional Life, and Long Term Disability Insurance (AKA GIC ENROLLMENT/CHANGE FORM-1)
Health Insurance Dependent Age 19 and Over Application for Coverage Request Coverage for dependents over 19 years of age
Health Insurance Employment Status Change Form (GIC Form-1A) Employment Status Change Form (AKA GIC EMPLOYMENT STATUS CHANGE FORM-1A)
Health Insurance Retiree/Survivor Enrollment/Change Form (GIC Form-RS) Retiree or survivor enrollment or change form (AKA GIC RETIREE/SURVIVOR ENROLLMENT/CHANGE FORM-RS)
Hiring Recommendation Form For Hiring Managers to Select a Finalist for Hire
I-9 Form I-9 Form - Employment Eligibility Verification
ID Request Form for a Non-Employee or Volunteer Needing Access Request an Employee ID for a Non-Employee
Label Request Form Request Data for Labels or Mailing Lists from Human Resources
Moving Expense Reimbursement Policy Employee Moving Expense Reimbursement policy details
New Employee Personal Data Form For New Temporary, Non-Benefited New Hires (use Continuation/New Assignment Form for existing employees)
Nomination Form for CARES Use this form to nominate employees for the Chancellor's Award Recognizing Excellence in Service
Non-Conflict Statement Used When Additional Compensation Occurs During Employees Normal Working Hours
OBRA Participation Agreement Enrollment Form Enroll in OBRA - Mandatory for Temporary, Non-Benefited Employee
OBRA Refund Request Form For Employees Leaving University Service to Request OBRA Contributions
Optional Life Insurance Enrollment Form Enroll in Optional Life Insurance
ORP Enrollment / Change Form Enrolling in the Optional Retirement System (ORP)
ORP Insurance Enrollment and Beneficiary Change Form Designate Beneficiaries for Optional Retirement System (ORP)
PTL / BPTL Recommendation Form  Request a Part-time or Benefited Part-time Lecturer Appointment
Personal Data Questionnaire For New Benefited Employees
Position Requisition Form For Hiring Managers to Start a Recruitment/Search Process
Position Description Template - Professional Develop a Professional Position Description
Post Doctoral Hiring Recommendation Form Search process for Postdoctoral Fellows
Post Retirement Statement of Earnings Form For Employees who receive pension post Retirement
Property Control Form For Employees Leaving University Service to Return University Property
Reclassification/ Salary Adjustment/ Title Change Form-Request Form For ESU Members Requesting a Reclassification
Reference Check Form For Hiring Managers to Complete Finalist Reference Check
Search and Screen Committee Recommendation Form Committee Recommendation
Staffing Agency Hire Request Form Request Temporary Staff from External Staffing Agencies
State Board of Retirement System Enrollment Form Enroll in State Employees Retirement System (SERS)
State Board of Retirement's Accumulated Pension Deductions Return Request Form For Employees Leaving University Service to Request SERS Contributions
State Board of Retirement's Contract Buy Back Form For purchasing contract service that was rendered as a part-time or non-benefited employee
State Board of Retirement's Purchase of Creditable Service(Buyback) Form For buying back prior state service that was previously withdrawn
Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security Concerning your position not being covered by Social Security
Strengths & Weaknesses of Applicants (Sample Grid) Sample Grid for applicant assessment
Tax Withholding M-4 Form - Massachusetts Massachusetts Tax Withholding Form
Tax Withholding W-4 Form - Federal Federal Tax Withholding Form
Temporary Hire Request Form Request Temporary Hire on an Emergency Basis
Temporary Work Assignment Form For Requesting an Out-of-Title Work Assignment
Timesheet Correction/Late Pay Form To correct previously reported time or late pay (time never reported)
Time Sheet for Overtime - Exception Reporting Employees Use for Overtime for Exception Reporting Employees
TimeKeeper Department Time Sheet Log Used by Department TimeKeepers for Tracking Multiple Employees' Time & Attendance
Tuition Waiver Form Request Tuition Waiver, Tuition Remission or Fee Waiver Benefit
Tuition Waiver Taxability Worksheet For Employee Graduate Courses For Employees Requesting Tax Exemption on Graduate Level Waivers > $5,250 in a Calendar Year
Volunteer Liability Waiver Form Volunteers Form
Workers Compensation Notice of Injury (NOI) Package For reporting the injuries at workplace