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Announcements and Events

Neurodivergent Identity Network

The Office of Student Accessibility Services is collaborating with students and developing a network for individuals who identify as neurodivergent.

The goal is to create a space where students connect with others who have shared identities and interests to provide peer guidance, share experiences, support, and make strong personal connections.

This is the students’ group, and group activities will be planned by the group with minimal guidance from the Office of Student Accessibility Services staff.

If you are interested in joining the group, contact  

Smart Pens

It is the philosophy of the Office of Student Accessibility Services that our students act as independently as possible and develop knowledge and skills that will assist them after graduation. Thus for 2020-2021 many of our students will be using SmartPen technology which will enable them to take their own notes without needing a second person as their note taker. The Office of Student Accessibility Services will have a limited number of SmartPens for loan to our students.

What is a SmartPen? Please view this video link for your answer!

When students use the SmartPen they are being independent. Most importantly taking your own notes is part of the learning process. 

  1. Student using a Smart Pen becomes independent instead of relying on another student to supply a copy of class notes
  2. According to Stanford study – taking your own notes is part of the learning process and increases the level of success.
  3. Student learns about inexpensive technology that may be used by them later in employment.
  4. Student can download audio files of class lectures to replay.
  5. Student can download their actual writing of notes and save digital copy on their computer.
  6. Smart Pen is easy to use for tech savvy students.

Accessible Transportation

UMassD provides transportation services to students with various disabilities between on-campus locations via a wheelchair/scootor-capable van, if needed. To schedule:

For questions regarding this service, contact the Transportation Office at 508.999.9175. If the shuttle service is cancelled, contact UMassD Police at 508.999.8107.