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Faculty & Staff

How does a student become eligible for services?

In order to determine eligibility for an academic adjustment/auxiliary aid, the student must register at the Office of Accessibility Services and provide documentation of a disability. See the Documentation Guidelines for explicit details.  

Syllabus statement 

Make your course "accessibility-friendly."  

Include a statement in your course syllabus welcoming students with accessibility issues.  This sends the message that UMass Dartmouth values individual difference, diversity, and supports an inclusive learning environment. It also normalizes the accommodation process and informs students of a valuable resource to enhance the educational experience and help with retention.

Below can be included to notify students of the Office of Accessibility Services:

UMass Dartmouth is committed to providing equal access to all of our students and be compliant with the legal mandates expressed in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

If you have a documented disability or chronic health condition and require accommodations to obtain equal access in this course, please call the Office of Accessibility Services at 508.999.8711 to make an appointment. 

You may also want to notify students that if they have emergency medical information that they wish to share with you, or need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, to please inform you.

Helping a Student in Distress - As a faculty or staff member interacting daily with students, you are in an excellent position to recognize behavior changes that characterize the emotionally troubled student. Please visit UMassD's Counseling Center for more information on how to recognize some of the signs of a student in distress.   

The Care Network, an initiative within the Division of Student Affairs, coordinates efforts with campus partners to assist students who encounter challenges in achieving success. The purpose of the Care Network is to identify students who may benefit from assistance and guidance as they manage the presenting issue(s) that are affecting their well-being, adjustment, and overall success at the University and to help them build capacity for managing issues during and beyond their time at UMass Dartmouth.

Student Affairs staff in Care & Advocacy are available to provide consultation, answer questions, respond to concerns, or direct individuals to the most appropriate resources.

To make a referral to the Care Network please see the Care Network referral form

Accessibility to department events 

In the occasion a department holds a special event or conference in which service providers are needed to give people with disabilities access to content, the Office of Accessibility Services will put forward their best efforts obtaining the proper person. However, it is the hosting department, club, or organization's financial and ultimate responsibility to provide the accommodation.

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