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Coaching Tips for Incoming Students

  • Give your student autonomy.
  • Ease up on the daily phone calls and texting.
  • Allow your student to initiate contact during the school week Monday thru Friday.
  • Reach out to your student on the weekend.
  • Offer encouragement and support if your student is missing the comforts of home and family. (Note: Often when your student leaves home for college it is harder on the parent to adjust)!
  • Do not interrogate your student with an overwhelming amount of questions. Allow your student to lead the conversation.
  • Remind your student of how proud you are of them and how much they are loved.
  • Remind your student of the importance of sleep, proper eating habits, exercise and recreation which will allow them to perform academically at their best.
  • If your student shares a negative assignment or test outcome with you help them problem solve. What could they have done differently to improve their grade? Refer to the student resources on the college website and remind your student about the available tutoring on campus.
  • Let your student know that you are confident in them when using their own judgement which you instilled upon them.
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