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Sample Courses

Our program offers 3 courses, held Monday through Friday, for a total of 20 hours per week. Students are typically enrolled in the following courses: 

Foundations of English

Instruction and practice in the use of English. You’ll study verb tenses, parts of speech and sentence structure. 

Through the study of American cultural topics, you’ll develop competency of vocabulary and idioms in academic and social settings.

English for Academic Purposes

You’ll study language and cultural skills required for success in US higher education:

  • beginning-level academic writing
  • academic reading and vocabulary development
  • listening comprehension and note-taking
  • classroom discussion strategies
  • presentation skills

Language and Culture Studio

U.S. university life uses specific language. Our blended-learning approach introduces you to this specific language. You’ll learn through language-instructive meetings and cooperative & engaging fieldwork.

Extended-learning opportunities beyond the classroom

  • Observe academic credit classes
  • Explore innovative digital-learning environments
  • Attend lectures or exhibitions

Individual tutoring

  • Based on instructor feedback and test scores
  • Focuses on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills
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