American Language and Cultures Institute (ALCI)—Intensive English Program

UMass Dartmouth International Students

‌University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's ALCI intensive English program offers courses at all levels of English, with a curriculum designed to prepare you to communicate in English-speaking academic, social, and professional settings. Your preparation for classroom success includes intensive English/ESL study.

Your ALCI peers come from across the United States and the world, and together you will have the opportunity to participate in University of Massachusetts Dartmouth clubs, organizations, and student life.

Program benefits

  • a variety of courses and instructors 
  • exciting student excursions, community involvement, and travel in New England with guided English/ESL instruction.
  • community involvement and travel in New England
  • close work with instructors to create a personalized study plan
  • 20-24 hours of classes per week, Monday through Friday
  • intensive English study in the areas of writing, pronunciation, academic analysis
  • technology-enhanced learning

About our faculty

The ALCI faculty in the Department of English are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals and providing you with a rewarding international experience.

ALCI Mission

The primary mission of the American Language & Cultures Institute is to provide academic preparation, English language and cultural instruction, and promote global citizenship among, all constituents from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and surrounding communities. The Institute offers credit and non-credit academic programs; leadership in international education; and, culturally responsive activities The ALCI is committed to innovative curriculum design, teaching methodologies, and personalized resources. The Institute’s faculty and instructional programs are informed by research and best practices from international education fields to TESOL.