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Why UMassD


UMass Dartmouth is set on 710 acres on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts, between Providence, RI & Cape Cod—just 1 hour from Boston.

Fast Facts about UMass Dartmouth

International Student & Scholar Center (ISSC)


  • Provides support for visas and other immigration forms as well as required documentation for international students and scholars while in the United States.
  • Provides general advice and assistance with campus life and personal needs.
  • Offers workshops on employment and other subjects of interest.
  • Co-sponsors cultural events with other organizations on campus.

Student Life

Visit our Student Life page for more information on:

  • Student essentials—Details for your day-to-day
  • Academic resources—Resources, programs, and people to help you on your academic journey.
  • Health & safety—Information and resources for your well-being.
  • Activities & organizations—What's the key to student success? Get involved!
  • Student development—Ambitions? Goals? Dreams? Your opportunities are limitless.
  • Technology—Creative technology supports our learning community.

Campus Services & Facilities

Our services enhance the lives of students and the entire university community. Service areas include:

  • Campus Store
  • Print services
  • Dining and Catering
  • Event and Conference planning
  • Mail and Package services
  • Meal Plans
  • Parking and Transportation
  • UMass Pass

Program Activities

Group Trips

Group trips are organized each semester. A typical group trip can take you to nearby cities such as New Bedford, Boston, or New York, the beaches of Cape Cod or the mountains of New Hampshire. 

Events & Activities

View our public calendar of events to see what events and activities are happing on campus.

Local Events


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