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Offshore Wind Internships

The Emerging Offshore Wind Industry

The first commercial wind developments in the United States are set to begin construction in 2023 off the coast of Massachusetts. Offshore wind will play a major role in reaching greenhouse gas emission reduction and carbon neutrality goals, and is to become the largest source of clean energy for the country. The Northeast will become a national hub for clean energy innovation. The emerging offshore wind industry will provide economic development opportunities for Massachusetts businesses in the South Coast and Greater Boston regions and create thousands of jobs for Massachusetts residents.  

UMass Dartmouth and Offshore Wind

With close proximity to several industrial ports capable of supporting the offshore wind industry, faculty research expertise encompassing key offshore wind research needs, and twelve degree programs directly applicable to the offshore wind, UMass Dartmouth is situated to become a key partner to the industry. Offshore wind and the larger Blue Economy are areas of comparative advantage and strategic focus for the region's online research university. 

"Closing the Experience Gap"

Paid internships in the offshore wind industry for UMass Dartmouth students

UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College have partnered with Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to provide paid, career-relevant experiential learning opportunities and internships to students in the offshore wind industry. 

  • Gain real-world experience working with a company directly involved in the emerging industry
  • Internships are semester-long and may satisfy coursework requirements
  • Program is ideal for anyone interested in renewable energy and offshore wind
  • Topics related to technical, business, legal, economic, and social aspects of offshore wind development
  • Up to $25/hour for ~200 hours over a 10-week period
  • 2-year program with 80 interns
  • Placements will begin Spring 2023 semester


  • Seeking students of all majors, both graduate and undergraduate 
  • Students applying must be in good academic standing
  • International students are not eligible for this program

Spring 2023 Internship Opportunities

AIS Observers 

AIS is seeking a four interns in the areas of business development, web development, social media content, and operational support.

Geo SubSea

Geo SubSea is seeking interns with marine or environmental science experience or geospatial and general engineering experience. Opportunities include underwater video analysis for habitat mapping, sonar target and seafloor mapping, QGIS project management and general, assisting in cable route feasibility evaluations, and geotechnical project oversight.


TerraSond is looking for summer survey interns to assist and learn from our Hydrographic and Geophysical Data Processors and Offshore Hydrographic Technicians.

Jaia Robotics

Jaia Robotics is seeking an intern to assist in the continued development of their AUV "Jaia Bot." 


BlueIQ is seeking interns to assist in the development of a prototype passive acoustic monitoring array. 

New Bedford Ocean Cluster

The NBOC is seeking a student intern to support the "Act Local Program," which identifies, builds, and maintains relationships with offshore wind developers, contractors, and other key industry stakeholders. The intern will assist in the development of programs, complete surveys, and develop communications plans in support of the NBOC's mission. 


ThayerMahan is seeking student interns to support a number of projects, including their "Big Bubble Curtain" project as part of the Vineyard Wind development. Other internship opportunities are in the areas of data science and professional writing. 

Business Network for Offshore Wind

The Business Network for Offshore Wind is seeking an intern to support implementation of programs, projects, products, services, and events. Duties include policy development and research, communications, marketing and events. 

SouthCoast Wind

SouthCoast Wind is seeking interns to assist in business development and stakeholder engagement opportunities. 

Vineyard Wind

Vineyard Wind is seeking interns to assist in a safety, environment and health role. Duties include assisting with daily safety meetings, safety inspections and analyzing job hazards. 


Avangrid is seeking interns to assist in business development and stakeholder engagement opportunities. 


Anbaric is seeking interns to assist with stakeholder engagement, siting, and permitting processes relating to cable placement.


AIS is seeking an intern to perform on-site mammal observations around offshore wind developments. 

Collins Engineers

Collins Engineers is seeking an intern to support their waterfront design projects, with a focus on waterfront structures to support offshore wind. Duties include performing structural inspections and preparing inspection reports, checking structural and geotechnical calculations, and using computer-assisted engineering and design software to prepare engineering and design documents. 

Ithaca Clean Energy

Ithaca Clean Energy is seeking a marketing intern and a fishing engagement intern. The marketing intern will be responsible for laying the foundations for an effective digital and scalable marketing department. The fishing engagement intern will act as the company representative when engaging with end-users of the 'Waterfront' platform, including those in the local maritime industry.

Aloft Systems

Aloft Systems is seeking two interns to assist in the development of their modular sail technology. The first intern will assist in the creation of a functional prototype which will develop the foundations of a control system to automate tasks. The second intern will develop a physical scale model of the modular wind propulsion unit. 

How to Apply

  • For more information or to send a general application, contact the Offshore Wind Internship Coordinator Professor Jonathan Mellor,
  • Must submit resume, cover letter, and transcript



Industry partners and internship sites

  • MassCEC funds climate solution innovation to meet Massachusetts emission reduction goals while growing the state's clean energy economy.
  • MassCEC funds climate solution innovation to meet Massachusetts emission reduction goals while growing the state's clean energy economy.
  • Avangrid: energy services and delivery company with four planned lease development collaboration sites. 
  • A global leader in offshore wind, Orsted is developing or partnering with developers in many of the planned lease areas. 
  • ThayerMahan is a world-leader in autonomous maritime surveillance, collecting data and running operations for pre-construction of offshore wind developers. 
  • New Bedford Ocean Cluster is a nonprofit business network and think-tank who aims to make the Port of New Bedford the first port of call of the offshore wind industry in the United States.
  • The Business Network for Offshore Wind is a nonprofit dedicated to building a network that will usher the U.S. into the offshore wind market.
  • Anbaric specializes in the development of large-scale electric transmission and storage systems to bring renewable energy to markets and strengthen the grid.
  • Collins Engineers is a firm focusing on structural and civil engineering services. They are currently working on port improvements directly related to offshore wind operations. 
  • JAIA Robotics develops and manufactures small-scale, economical hybrid autonomous surface and subsurface vehicles. 
  • RPS Group provides environmental services and planning expertise to offshore wind developers. 
  • AIS Observers manages protected species observing programs focusing on designing and managing complex field sampling and monitoring programs.

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