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Green Tips

Live sustainably on campus and reduce your personal impact on the environment by following these tips.

  1. When leaving your office, classroom, or living area, turn off lights and electronics.
  2. Keep windows and exterior doors closed. Notify Facilities @ ext. 8100 or your RA of areas that are too hot or cold.
  3. If you have control over a thermostat, keep it set between 65° and 68°, and come prepared for cooler building temperatures with sweaters or layered clothing.
  4. Keep blinds and curtains closed in your office windows during the evening and weekends. This will make a marked difference in the comfort level of your office, especially if you are in one of the overhang offices.
  5. Recycle everything you can!
  6. Try to eat meatless one day a week.
  7. Remove or relocate any objects that are blocking heating registers from fan driven units.
  8. For areas with baseboard heat, there must be a clear path for air-flow through the fin tube. If this path is blocked with boxes, computers, desks, file cabinets, etc., the baseboard heat will not be effective.
  9. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  10. Stop pushing the handicap door buttons if you are not handicapped. It uses electricity and wears out the mechanisms faster.
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