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Degree Requirements (Ph.D.)

Students must complete 55 semester credits, of which 19 (minimum) are from graduate courses numbered 500 or above.  Required courses include:

  • Biological Statistics
  • Professional Communication
  • one course each in Molecular & Cellular Biology, Organismal & Developmental Biology, and Evolution & Ecology
  • one course in a cross-disciplinary topic
  • 2 credits of BIO 525 (Graduate Student Seminar)

Additionally, 34 credits (maximum) are of doctoral research credit (BIO 699).  A minimum 3.0 grade point average must be maintained.  At the conclusion of formal coursework (typically after the second year), the student form a committee, pass a written qualifying exam (of topics within the student’s field), and separately write and defend an original research proposal.  At the conclusion of study, the student must present a written dissertation of original and independent research, and defend it in an oral examination.

For more information

Dr. Whitney Hable
Graduate Program Director