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Assessment of climate for living, learning and working at UMass Dartmouth

The University is at its best when we acknowledge and nurture the individual needs, abilities and potential of all of our people across campus – students, faculty and staff alike.

That’s why, starting in Fall semester 2021, we are undertaking a Campus Climate Assessment. The purpose of the project is to measure inclusiveness and feelings of belonging among all UMassD students, faculty and staff, from all backgrounds and identities. Approximately 9,000 people across campus will be invited to participate in the project. More detailed information is available in the presentation offered on this website.

We are conducting this survey because campus climate matters. Students, staff and faculty who feel connected to and supported by their campus communities have a higher likelihood of success - in the classroom, in their personal lives and in the workplace. And, because we cherish our values of diversity, inclusion, and belonging, we feel compelled to continually strive for a campus environment marked by openness, fairness and equal access for all students, faculty and staff.

A chance to win

Participation in the survey will enter you in for a chance to win an Amazon gift card, UMD Dollars, or UMassD gear! 

Survey overview

Who will be conducting the Campus Climate Survey?

To ensure full transparency and to provide a more complete perspective, we have contracted with Rankin & Associates Consulting to help lead this effort. Rankin & Associates Consulting is a nationally recognized leader in institutional evaluation. They have conducted more than 250 campus climate assessment projects over the last 20 years. A team from Rankin & Associates Consulting will coordinate with a working group comprised of students, staff and faculty from the University to develop and implement the assessment.

How will the data from the survey be used?

The results of the Campus Climate Assessment will be available in Fall 2022.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

Typically 30 minutes or less, depending on how much writing you decide to do in the comment areas of the survey.

Why should you participate in the Campus Climate Survey?

Since 1874, the University has valued the idea of shared governance – the notion that all of us are smarter than any one of us. What’s more, your participation in completing the anonymous Campus Climate Survey will help create a campus that is welcoming to all and hostile to no one person or group. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to have your say because your experience is unique and sharing that experience will inform the way policies and programs are created or improved. You truly can make a difference, simply, easily and confidentially, just by speaking your truth.

Thank you in advance for your help in making our campus welcoming and inclusive for all.

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