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Steering Committee

The Climate Study Steering Committee includes a cross section of UMass Dartmouth students, faculty and staff.


Pauline Entin, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

David Gomes, Chief Diversity Officer, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Jonathan Bonilla, Coordinator of Institutional and Learning Assessment, Institutional Research and Assessment

Antoinette Cabral-Garcia, Supervisor, Facilities Management

Craig Elkins, Director, College Now, Academic Affairs

Natalie Ferreira, Asst Mgr of Computer Operations, Claire T. Carney Library

Laura Franz, Professor / Chairperson - Art & Design, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Patricia Freitas, Senior Administrative Assistant, Claire T. Carney Library

Monica Godinho, Academic Advisor, College of Arts and Sciences

Diane Gomes, IT/Telecommunications Coordinator, CITS

LaSella Hall, Associate Director, Student Affairs, Frederick Douglass Unity House

Gregory Homol, Fitness Center Director, Athletics

Sharan Anil Kumar, Graduate Student, College of Engineering

Crystal Lubinsky, Full time Lecturer, History, College of Arts and Sciences

Devon Lynch, Associate Professor, Economics, College of Arts and Sciences

Jayne Weingard, HRIS Manager, Human Resources

Toniqua Mikell, Assistant Professor, Crime & Justice Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Amanda Mullaly, Officer, University Police

Lori Nickerson, Executive Office Director, Chancellor's Office

Grant O'Rielly, Professor, Faculty Federation President, College of Engineering

Karen Pimental, Specialized Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs

Daryl Poeira, Director of Web Systems and Communication, University Marketing

Rekha Rosha, Student Support Coordinator, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Tammy Silva, Director, Intuitional Research and Assessment

Narcisse Kunda, Student, Charlton College of Business

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