BNG 415: Implantable Structs & Sensors

Prerequisite: BNG 316 and upperclass standing

Structure and properties of functionally advanced and intelligent fibrous structures and polymeric fiber reinforced composites for biomedical applications. Also studied are polymeric material systems for coating, adhesives and polymeric matrices, and fibrous scaffold structures including nanofiber webs, and reinforcing performs for composites such as knitted or woven fabrics, 3-D fabrics, nonwovens, braided and knotted structures. Properties of the resulting structures and their application areas such as nanobiocomposites, biomedical fibrous composites, and other multifunctional products are considered.

2023 Spring
11402 01 Lecture 30 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 10:00 AM EDT 10:50 AM EDT Textile Building 101
Instructor: Yong Kim Class status:
Prerequisite: BNG 316 and upperclass standing
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