Chen-lu Yang

Chen-Lu Yang

Research Engineer

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship




Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Fall River 129A


1994New Jersey Institute of TechnologyPhD in Chemical Engineering
1990New Jersey Institute of TechnologyMS in Environmental Science
1984Feng-Chia UniversityBS in Chemical Engineering


  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • Water Quality Engineering
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Science and Industry Compliance
  • Bioengineering lab


Research Activities

  • Marine collagen: extraction, purification, characterization, and applications, (UMass Dartmouth)
  • Resource recovery from spent lithium-ion batteries, (Massachusetts Clean Energy Canter, UMass Dartmouth Internal Seed Fund)
  • Cellulose based material innovations for ocean compostable, (National Science Foundation, Paramount Planet Product, LLC)
  • Biogas upgrading by low pH chemical scrubbing, (Massachusetts Clean Energy Canter, Bionomic Industries, Inc)
  • Electrochemical ammunition disposal and material recovery, (Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, User-Friendly Recycling, LLC, TWB Designs, Inc)


Research Interests

  • Industrial chemical process
  • Environmental engineering science
  • Biomanufacturing

Select publications

  • Chen-Lu Yang, Kumari I. Kaushik, John Enhoffer (2021).
    Process for Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubbing and Method for Ferric Ion Regeneration
    US Patent 11198828
  • Chen-Lu Yang (2021).
    Method and Apparatus for Electrochemical Ammunition Disposal and Material Recovery.
    US Patent 11150067
  • Tabish Nawaz, Sukalyan Sengupta, Chen-Lu Yang (2020).
    Silver Recovery from Laundry Washwater as Ag Nanoparticles.
    US Patent 10807085, B2
  • Chen-Lu Yang (2019).
    Electrochemical Ammunition Disposal and Material Recovery.
    US patent 10514242, B1
  • Jayashree Chakravarty, Chen-Lu Yang, Jacob Palmer and Christopher Brigham (2018).
    Chitin Extraction from Lobster Shell Waste Using Microbial Culture-based Methods.
    Applied Food Biotechnology, 5

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