Chen-lu Yang


Chen-Lu Yang

Research Engineer

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship




Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Fall River 129A


1994New Jersey Institute of TechnologyPhD in Chemical Engineering
1990New Jersey Institute of TechnologyMS in Environmental Science
1984Feng-Chia UniversityBS in Chemical Engineering


  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Introduction to Environmental Engineering (CEN 304), Water Quality Engineering (CEN 411), Independent Study (CEN 495), Master’s Project (CEN 592)
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Analytical Chemistry (CHM 305), Analytical Chemistry Lab (CHM 307)
  • Department of Bioengineering: Biotransport (BNG 312), Bioengineering lab (BNG 411), Capstone Project (EGR 497, EGR 498)
  • Department of Materials and Textiles: Directed Study (MTX 196), Environmental Science and Industry Compliance (TXT 312), Independent Study (MTX 495)
  • Department of Medical Lab Science: Independent Study (MLS 495)


Research activities

  • Natural Products and Bioprocessing: chitin extraction from lobster shells, (Atlantic Red Crab); essential oil from forest biomass; rosehip seed oil from beach roses; colchicine from autumn crocuses; chitosan microspheres for drug delivery, (MLSC); Pichia expression system for recombinant proteins, (Boston 3T); production of recombinant tetracycline repressor, (Imgen BioSciences); isolation of plasmid DNA for Lentivector expression system, (Boston 3T)
  • Resource Recovery: electrochemical ammunition disposal and material recovery, (User-Friendly Recycling, TWB Designs, MTTC); silver recovery from laundry washwater (Civil Engineering); resource recovery from spent lithium-ion batteries (Mass CEC); electrochemical method for cutting fluid regeneration, (Enomoto Industry)
  • Industrial Chemical Processes: crystallization of sodium nitrate ((Westinghouse Hanford); lobsters cook study (Atlantic Red Crab); biodiesel production from used cooking oil, (Theta); syngas fermentation for biofuel production, (Mass CEC); molded pulp products from cellulose nanofibers (NSF/P3RD); removal of chromium from abrasive blast media, (Tyndall Air Force Base); biological evaluation of steam mop for floor sanitization, (Euro-Pro); antifouling coatings for biofouling control, (E Paint); autocatalytic electroless copper plating for EMI shielding, (GBN Technologies)
  • Water Environment: Devol Pond water quality survey, (Devol Pond Assoc.); evaluation of cranberry bog water consumption, (Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Assoc.); vetiver hydroponic systems for nutrients (N/P) remediation, (Fresh Lake Solutions); determination of metal contents in waste effluents from papermaking processes, (SouthCoast Technical Products); electrochemical coagulation for textile effluent decolorization; swimming behavior spectrometer for water quality monitoring, (Petrel Biosensors)
  • Air Pollution Control and Industrial Gas Cleaning: biogas upgrading by low pH scrubbing, (Mass CEC); regenerative chemical scrubbing for H2S removal, (Bionomic Industries); non-equilibrium plasma chemical process for control of NOx, VOCs and air toxics, (US DoD); absorption of NO2 in sodium sulfite aqueous solutions, (Bionomic Industries); fiber based bioreactor media for air pollution control, (National Textile Center); evaluation of low-temperature catalysts for process NOx control, (Bionomic Industries)


Research interests

  • Chemical kinetics, reactor design and process development
  • Environmental engineering and science
  • Biomanufacturing and bioprocessing

Select publications

  • Chen-Lu Yang, Kumari I. Kaushik, John Enhoffer (2021).
    Process for Hydrogen Sulfide Scrubbing and Method for Ferric Ion Regeneration
    US Patent 11198828
  • Chen-Lu Yang (2021).
    Method and Apparatus for Electrochemical Ammunition Disposal and Material Recovery.
    US Patent 11150067
  • Tabish Nawaz, Sukalyan Sengupta, Chen-Lu Yang (2020).
    Silver Recovery from Laundry Washwater as Ag Nanoparticles.
    US Patent 10807085, B2
  • Chen-Lu Yang (2019).
    Electrochemical Ammunition Disposal and Material Recovery.
    US patent 10514242, B1
  • Jayashree Chakravarty, Chen-Lu Yang, Jacob Palmer and Christopher Brigham (2018).
    Chitin Extraction from Lobster Shell Waste Using Microbial Culture-based Methods.
    Applied Food Biotechnology, 5

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