David Gomes

David A. Gomes

Chief Diversity Officer / Title IX Coordinator

Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Foster Administration 307



This course examines the dynamic and rapidly evolving area of legal practice by considering the diverse array of laws and institutions that regulate the employment relationship, including the doctrine of "employment at will" and exceptions to that rule; post-employment issues including workplace safety; employees rights under contract and tort law; and statuses such as the The Fair Standards Labor Act and the various state/federal statutes prohibiting class based employment discrimination.

David A. Gomes was appointed Chief Diversity Officer / Title IX Coordinator in September 2020 after serving as UMass Dartmouth’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Mr. Gomes has over 20 years of significant experience in the areas of regulatory compliance, human resources management, and diversity and inclusion initiatives across multiple industries, including healthcare, facilities management, financial services, legal, and higher education. A native of New Bedford, Mr. Gomes earned his Bachelor’s degree from Boston College and his Juris Doctorate from Northeastern University School of Law.

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