Jess Worby

Full Time Lecturer

Art & Design



College of Visual & Performing Arts 302A





Conceptual development and visual communication. This course addresses the primary challenges of conceptual development and visual communication. This includes; design principles, expressive control, visual symbolism, composite meaning, basic sequencing, and the arrangement of text-image interactions.

Offered as needed to present material in the design field. The specific topic is stated when the course is scheduled. May be repeated with change of content

Visual personalities, character development, the qualities and details of scenery. Apparel and accessories will be considered within a completed integration. Led in a workshop format, a wide range of traditional and digital media will be engaged.

Specialized areas in the field. Students are introduced, through projects, to a wide range of specialized areas within the field. Topics covered include children's book illustration, graphic novels, and editorial illustration. The course emphasizes in-depth conceptual explorations. By means of its directed public service design assignment, this course satisfies University Studies 5B.

Continuation of DES 421. Each student designs and executes a long-term project in his or her particular area of interest in order to build a consistent, professional-level portfolio. Self promotion and business aspects of the illustration field are explored.

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