Clinton Rogers

Clinton Rogers, MS

Assistant Teaching Professor

Computer & Information Science


Dion 302A


2012University of Massachusetts DartmouthMS
2006University of Massachusetts DartmouthBS


  • CIS 180
  • CIS 272




Online and Continuing Education Courses

Introduction of Design and Organization of Computing Systems. This course introduces fundamental concepts of computing systems, such as circuit design, boolean equations, binary arithmetic and data representation, the operation of memory, as well as design of a processor. This course also covers the use of VHDL in designing circuits. The course has design, implementation, and analytical components.

Basic concepts in programming and software development using the Java programming language. The course introduces concepts of object oriented paradigm and low level program design process. The course introduces variables, decision structures, loops, storage structures, exceptions, inheritance, and polymorphism.
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Research interests

  • Neural Networks
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Robot Computer Interaction
  • Brain Computer Interaction
  • Robotic AI

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