Usama Saleh


Usama Saleh he/his

Clinical Associate Professor

College of Nursing & Health Sciences / Community




Dion 201


2002University of KentuckyPhD
1998University of KentuckyMSN
1993Clarkson CollegeBSN





Prepares the beginning-nursing student to conduct a holistic health assessment of adults that respect developmental differences across the lifespan. The emphasis is on health and development of individuals. Students are introduced to broad definitions and indicators of health, with a focus on nursing framework. Assessment, consistent with the ANA Scope and Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice (2010), is foundational to the nurse¿s goal of maximizing health. Student explore caring behaviors, interviewing concepts and physical examination techniques, which are used to conduct holistic health histories and physical assessments to determine the health status of individuals.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Examination of various quality, safety, legal, and ethical factors that influence the US health care system. The focus is on the scope of health care delivery, financing, and regulation of the health care system and moving the patient through the continuum of health care. Selected mechanisms such as policy formulation, cost effectiveness analysis, accreditation, and quality assurance programs that shape the health care environment are examined.
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This is a professional role development course for RN students that focuses on three key processes used by the nurse to maximize health: promoting health, guiding persons through the health care experience and shaping the health care environment. Factors that impact professional nursing practice are considered through critical analysis of historical influences, philosophical perspectives, professional standards, economic forces and public policy. Emphasis is placed on introducing the theoretical basis for practice, and the development of critical thinking, scholarly writing, and communication skills.
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