Usama Saleh


Usama Saleh he/his

Clinical Associate Professor

College of Nursing & Health Sciences / Community



Dion 201


2002University of KentuckyPhD
1998University of KentuckyMSN
1993Clarkson CollegeBSN





Prepares nursing students to promote health and provide care for individuals, families, groups, and populations in the community with a special emphasis upon vulnerable populations. Strategies designed to promote the health of populations, guide populations to reduce identified health risks, and to shape health policy will be explored. The health promotion and disease prevention focus will be guided by Healthy People 2020 objectives. Principles of epidemiology, demography, environmental sciences, community organization, and health care political, economic, and legal influences are integrated with nursing concepts and principles to provide the basis for community nursing practice. Community and aggregate strengths and risks are identified through community health nursing process.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

This course serves as a bridge to facilitate the RN student's transition to baccalaureate nursing. Emphasizing emerging technologies, the course explores concepts of professional nursing as a way to guide and promote health and to shape the health care environment. The course content is built on an assumed foundation of basic nursing preparation and clinical experience of the registered nurse and the 2008 AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Nursing Practice.

This is a professional role development course for RN students that focuses on three key processes used by the nurse to maximize health: promoting health, guiding persons through the health care experience and shaping the health care environment. Factors that impact professional nursing practice are considered through critical analysis of historical influences, philosophical perspectives, professional standards, economic forces and public policy. Emphasis is placed on introducing the theoretical basis for practice, and the development of critical thinking, scholarly writing, and communication skills.
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Analysis of the depth, breadth, complexity and interconnectedness of domestic and global health problems, transnational systems, emerging health challenges, and ethical & human rights infractions using relevant theories and frameworks. A critical examination of the foundations of population health, global health challenges and trends, complex health systems and policy, and innovative solutions to effectively promote health, safety and well-being at various levels.