Center for Access and Success

Welcome students!

Do you have a documented disability or chronic health condition?  The Center for Access and Success is here to help! Please call 508.999.8711 and schedule an appointment to discuss how we can enhance your academic success.


* Tips for a Successful Start *

  • Introduce yourself to your professors during their office hours: This is an important opportunity to share how you learn, work, and can also be an opportunity to get to know more about your professors.
  • Determine a way to stay organized: Use a calendar in your smart phone, an actual planner you can write in, or another technical device to keep track of when your classes and assignments are due.
  • Experiment with different spaces for studying: Try your room, study spaces in the library, and other quiet locations.
  • Eating healthy: Come up with a healthy routine for eating, and be sure to reward yourself with a treat.
  • Get your beauty rest: Sleep is essential for all aspects of your wellness, and you should have a consistent sleeping schedule!
  • Tutoring is for everyone: The Academic Resource Center is open to all UMD students and is an incredible resource for academic support outside of the class room this resource is an important to any student of any background and provides individual tutoring.


College can get overwhelming but we found some apps that can help you stay organized and on top of your game!  The following apps may be helpful to students with disabilities and learning differences.


Note-takingReadingStudy AidsIdea MappingFinanceProductivity
Notability Open Dyslexia StudyBlue SimpleMind Mint iHomework
SoundNote iBooks Quizlet iThoughts Slice Wi-Fi Finder
Auditorium Notes InstaPaper Study Cards Mindjet Left to Spend Studious
Evernote Pocket     Dashlane Clear