Center for Access and Success

From all of us at the Center for Access & Success, congratulations class of 2020!

And for all of our students, you should be proud of your accomplishment of finishing this challenging semester.  Way to go!

Get ahead of your competition! Continue with an online summer course(s). Summer registration is open! Choose your classes and register now. If you have questions, please email for assistance.

Go to our Student Resources page and Announcement and Events page for information about online learning, combatting stress, and so much more. We will be updating this frequently with new information. 


Free Apps for Online Learning, Productivity, and Stress Reduction!


Time Management



Chegg Prep - flashcards created  to prepare for all types of subject matter

Flora - tracks your focus time

Microsoft OneNote- easily integrates with your UMASSD account

Calm – meditation app that also has music to help you fall asleep


StudyBlue - has study materials for all different courses

Flipd - shows how long you’ve spent on apps, sleeping, studying, etc.

Agenda - tracks your note taking over time, allows easy addition of photos and outside info

Aura - after assessing your mood, provides you with personalized life coaching and stories to reduce anxiety


Cram – flashcards to prepare for all types of subject matter and multiple choice tests. 

Productive - helps user create their daily routine, provides feedback

Notebook - organizes your notes into different notebooks

Insight Timer – meditation app that creates playlists for anxiety, sleep, stress, and productivity