Center for Access and Success

We hope you had a fabulous spring break!  We are looking forward to ending the semester on a good note! 

Here are some useful study tips you can use for the rest of the semester.  

  • With the semester winding down, make sure to stay on top of your notes, exams, and assignments.  Keep an organizer or calendar to keep yourself in check.  
  • Space out your studying so you're not cramming everything last minute!  Make study guides and see your professors during office hours.
  • Eating well and sleeping is a big part of doing well so make sure you are eating a balanced meal and getting the right amount of sleep.


College can get overwhelming but we found some apps that can help you stay organized and on top of your game!  The following apps may be helpful to students with disabilities and learning differences.


Note-takingReadingStudy AidsIdea MappingFinanceProductivity
Notability Open Dyslexia StudyBlue SimpleMind Mint iHomework
SoundNote iBooks Quizlet iThoughts Slice Wi-Fi Finder
Auditorium Notes InstaPaper Study Cards Mindjet Left to Spend Studious
Evernote Pocket     Dashlane Clear


These apps can help in your classes or even just your every day to day life!


Students!  Here is a great link regarding emailing a professor or faculty member: