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Decision making: A lot of choices in college

Download A lot of choices in college (pdf)

Moving away from your goals    

Impulse Problems   

Moving towards your goals

Controlling Impulses

Hanging with kids with no college goals

Who are your friends? Do they get you closer or further away from your goals?

Hanging with kids with realistic college goals

Hanging with kids with substance control problems

Do they get drunk often?

Hanging with kids who can say no to substances

Hanging with kids who have academic problems

How serious are they about graduating?

Hanging with kids who are good students

Skipping classes

Like work, just being there is half the battle - would you skip going to work?

Go to every class

Not doing homework - it doesn't matter

It really does matter. Learning builds sequentially through studying and completing assignments

Giving homework your best

Having trouble saying "no" to bad choices

Learning to say "no" is hard. People may be disappointed in you. It gets better over time

Learning to say "no" to bad choices

Getting drunk especially Thurs. though Sun.

A dangerous trend - bad for academics, your health, dangerous behaviors while drunk

Drinking, or not, but not getting drunk

Having fun without getting drunk

Messing with substances

They're illegal. What are the consequences if caught?

Saying "no" to offers of substances


Becoming a real problem. Can create tremendous problems with debt

Not gambling with money

Real trouble controlling impulses

Doing what you "feel" like doing rather than thinking through the consequences results in a lot of trouble

Counting to "10" strategies - learning to put the brakes on impulses - don't make immediate decisions around risky choices

Physical fights to solve anger

College is about increasingly learning to use your brain to solve problems

Using words to solve anger

Engaging in unprotected sex

Think disease, pregnancy

There's only one form of sex - safe sex

Engaging in bullying

Especially easy with the internet

Don't post anything that you wouldn't want said about you

Not participating in any sport, group, service learning program, etc.

This stuff is just for "geeks"

Getting involved is a great way to forget about your own troubles and help you to stay focused

Lying, cheating and stealing

It's all trouble and can get you dismissed

Honesty is the best policy

What would your "mother" say?

Driving drunk or getting in the car with someone driving drunk

"they won't catch me"

Not operating drunk or getting into the car with a drunk driver - really bad things can happen

Having weapons of any sort on or off campus

"They're illegal but I won't get caught"

Saying no to theses choices

Blaming others for your problems

'I've got problems because of my parents or my teachers.

In the end, you look in the mirror, and know that the decisions and choices that you have made are responsible for your successes and failures  

1.  List your friends. Describe your relationship with them. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the greatest help in achieving your goals, give each friend a number.

2.  On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rate your decision making abilities?

3.  What's your plan for either continuing to make good decisions or making better decisions