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The majority of financial aid for graduate students is in the form of loans. The William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan programs provide loan funds to eligible students. Students who demonstrate financial need are considered for the subsidized direct loan. Students who do not qualify for the need based loan will be considered for the Unsubsidized direct loan. Very needy graduate students are also considered for the University Scholarship, comprising a waiver of the curriculum fee. Federal Work Study funds are limited and only on-time applicants are considered. Application for all aid programs is by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Graduate students are not eligible for federal or state grant programs

Early application is strongly encouraged. The priority filing date is for FAFSA materials to be received at the Federal processor by March 1st of each year with UMass Dartmouth included in the list of schools. The UMass Dartmouth Title IV school code is 002210.

Students must be admitted to a degree program before eligibility can be determined for financial aid. However, in spring those who are still prospective graduate students are encouraged to submit the FAFSA even before the admissions decision is received. We recommend mailing your FAFSA by February 15th to ensure priority consideration. Students will need to reapply for financial aid each year

In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid, students must be enrolled at least half-time, be in good academic standing with the university, and be making satisfactory progress toward their degree (the specific standard is stated in the chapter on Academic Regulations).

Students who wish to apply to receive aid while on Program Continuation status must complete the appropriate forms, which can be obtained at the University Student Enrollment Center or at Financial Aid Services.

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