Post-Arrival Information

Things to take care of once you've arrived on campus

  • Report to the ISSC as a new student 

All new international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa must “check in” at the International Student & Scholar Center (ISSC) upon arrival to campus. We are located in Pine Dale Hall, Suite 7123. Bring your UMass Pass (Student Identification Card) or make sure you have your UMass Dartmouth log in information. At the ISSC, you will complete an eForm (electronic form) to report your physical presence at the University. Immediately after “checking in” at the ISSC, you will receive an email requiring you to update your local US address in your COIN account, enter emergency contact information in your COIN account, and upload the following documents to the eForm: 

                  Entry Stamp                                       Visa                                                     I-94   


  • Arrange for temporary or permanent housing
    • Unpack and settle everything in your room.
    • Visit the supermarkets nearby for purchasing any needs -see below.
    • Visit the health center and get your insurance card.


  • Attend the International Student Orientation
    • Bring your campus map and walk around the whole school; find your classrooms.
    • Research information about getting a Social Security Number and getting a job on campus, etc.


    • Do you need to enroll in classes, or are you already enrolled?  
    • Do you need an appointment with your academic advisor before enrolling?
    • Use COIN to find your advisor's name and location!
    • Purchase your textbooks and school supplies in the Campus Book Store or online - see below.


  • When you have some free time


If you have any questions, please email us at  We will try to reply quickly!


Household and Personal Needs

Most household items can be purchased at WalMart or Target; and these stores are close by UMass Dartmouth.

There is another supermarket called Stop & Shop just past the Dartmouth Mall.  The local bus route 9 that stops on campus goes to the Dartmouth Mall; and the Retail Loop shuttle makes a stop directly at Stop & Shop.  While Wal-Mart and Target have some food and other supplies as well, Stop & Shop is a large grocery store with a much greater variety of food options.  Students who have a kitchen can go there to buy ingredients.

Target, Walmart, and Stop & Shop all sell products for personal daily needs; however, the closest one is Target.  You can even walk to Target from campus in about 15 minutes, depending on where your dorm is located.


School Needs/Supplies

Textbooks and most school supplies can be found in our Campus Book Store.  You may also go online to for purchasing textbooks (but that is not a school-supported website; please be aware of the liability of the sellers).  Target and Walmart also sell all kinds of school supplies, such as folders, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.

If you have any questions about how to get to a particular store, please feel free to email or call us. Our email address is; our phone number is 508-910-6633.  We will be glad to assist you!



Updated 05/18/2018