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Non-credit Student Activities

The student registration protocol calls for all UMass Dartmouth students engaging in any form of education-abroad activity to register with the International Programs Office.  This requirement includes internships, independent study/research, experiential learning, conference attendance and student organization activities when conducted outside the United States.  In so doing, students access advice, resources and references to support their well-being abroad and the success of their endeavors and consulting with the IPO early in the planning process is encouraged.

  • Is the student's planned travel connected to their UMass Dartmouth student status?
  • Is it a registered student club? Is any UMassD department providing any funding to the student?
  • Will activities undertaken be written up in reports for a class, or used to fulfill any certification or scholarship requirement? 
  • Has the activity been promoted on campus by a UMass Dartmouth faculty or staff member?

Faculty and staff who advise student organizations that are considering non-credit projects abroad are asked to ensure that the organization consults with the International Programs Office re: any current issues or alerts in the proposed destination and submits the appropriate program registration information in advance of any travel outside the US. 

Early in the planning stage, you should check to see if the destination country is listed on the U.S. State Department Travel Warning/Alert list and take into account the federal guidance attached. Note that activities in these countries require additional scrutiny from university administration and extra planning time should be allowed. All participants must complete the additional form:

Contact the Interntional Programs Office as far in advance as possible for international travel guidance.


Submit to IPO a single complete packet with all materials for all participants and signed coversheet.

Documents must be submitted no later than 3 weeks from the intended travel start date.

1) Whether for an individual student or a group of students: full name, id#, passport and emergency contact details. Full names of students, UMass id#s, passport and visa information, and emergency contact information. For student groups, this information should be provided in list form. Each faculty/staff member with the group should provide the same information. (If any participants are not from UMass, that must be clearly indicated and their relationship to the group.)

2) Provide a written description of the program or activity, travel schedule and at least one 24/7 contact number in the destination country. Sign, print, and include for each participant, the SAIL "Assumption of Risk" form. All accompanying faculty/staff are expected to submit the same passport and personal information. 

3) Advisors review and approve the completed registration packet, and submit for senior administration approval. 

4) All students traveling alone or in a group, are required to register their travel itineraries in the Travel Registry in Terra Dotta, and provide 5 digit number to the IPO.

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