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UMass BuyWays

UMass BuyWays is a user-friendly shopping environment for goods and services that mimics popular eCommerce shopping sites. Together with a comprehensive requisitioning and order delivery solution, this eProcurement environment is seamlessly integrated into PeopleSoft Finance. Training and support are provided centrally by UPST in the UMass President's office. 

BuyWays Job Aids

Receipts in BuyWays

Property control enters receipts in to BuyWays for orders that require one. Assets ($5000+) and devices that store university data require tagging (computers, laptops, tablets, hard drives).  Orders charged to an asset account should ship directly to Central Receiving where the asset can be tagged and the receipt entered in to BuyWays.  Central Receiving will deliver the goods after tagging and receipt.

If an order that requires a receipt is shipped directly to the recipient, the PO owner or Requester should:

  • Retrieve the PO, attach a scanned receipt to the PO in the comments section and state that the order should be received.  Address the comment to 
  • Or email  Provide the PO number, packing slip and confirm the order was received.  Request that property control enter the receipt for the PO in to BuyWays.
  • Equipment Account Code Reference Guide
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