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The Grants Intensive Fellowship Program (TGIF)

TGIF is for faculty who are preparing to write a proposal and would like support during the process in order to produce a highly competitive application.

I. Eligibility

All tenure and tenure-track faculty are eligible. To maximize the benefit of this program, eligible faculty participants should have identified a funding opportunity and be ready to begin the development of a competitive proposal for funding. PIs that have received internal seed funding are strongly encouraged to apply. Evidence of readiness may include one or more of the following:

  • Clear research idea with relevance for the funding agency
  • Prior funding (internal or external)
  • Preliminary data in hand
  • Relevant research publications
  • Prior submission for external research funding
  • Effective collaboration established (if applicable)

II.  Fellowship Activities

The fellows will take part in a two-semester professional development program that will include workshops and presentations, writing group and peer support, and outside speakers. Participation in TGIF will be helpful for obtaining support through the Research Mentor and TRIPS program. In addition, a limited number of course releases will be available for the spring semester. Altogether, these activities will empower scholars to write competitive proposals, to work with program managers from funding agencies, to develop successful relationships with UMassD units (ORA, Human Resources, Compliance, etc.), mentors, and to develop camaraderie (and perhaps collaborations) with a cohort of like-minded faculty.

III. Obligations for Fellows

Fellows will be expected to:

  • Take part in scheduled activities
  • Provide written work for feedback
  • Provide feedback for other Fellows
  • Submit a proposal for external funding within one year, or as close to one year as possible given funder deadlines

IV. Application Procedure

To apply, faculty should submit a description of their research project, the targeted funding agency or agencies, and a listing of evidence of readiness (see above), and a current CV. There is a 3-page limit (not counting the CV) for the application. A limited number of course releases will be available for the spring semester. Priority for course releases will be given to untenured faculty members and those seeking to submit a proposal in the spring semester. Those seeking a course release must have the approval of the chairperson and the dean of the college/school. All submissions should be made via InfoReady, click here to apply.


  • The 2022-23 Application is closed