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TRIPS Program

Travel for Research Investigators to Potential Sponsors (TRIPS) 

Critical to success in securing research funding are (1) understanding the mission or goals of the funding organization and, (2) gaining familiarity with staff members who make funding decisions. Equally important is the element of marketing oneself and one’s interests. These aspects of grantsmanship can be measurably enhanced by meeting with officers and staff of funding organizations. In order to facilitate faculty meetings with staff or potential sponsors, the Office of Research and Innovation has extended a program to fund travel and per diem for such meetings at sponsor offices anywhere in the continental United States.

I. Eligibility

Tenure and tenure-track faculty are eligible. Requirements include:

  • The proposed new project or program must be substantial, preferably multi-year, and targeted for an external funding agency.
  • Travel must be to the sponsor headquarters or regional headquarters.
  • TRIPS support will be considered when meeting at other locations (e.g, a conference) if the requirement for a scheduled appointment can be met (see below).
  • A formal appointment with sponsor staff must be made in advance of the trip and in advance of requesting funds.
  • Evidence of an appointment must be attached to the TRIPS application.

II. Award Information

  • There is a limit of one TRIPS award per fiscal year on a no-match basis. Additional TRIPS awards will require at least a 50 percent match from the college/department.
  • Support will be limited to one person, coach, round-trip airfare (economy rate if available) purchased at least two weeks in advance (unless fully justified), ground transportation expenses (to/from hotel, airport, and sponsor; airport parking) up to one day’s lodging, and meals per diem per travel policy.
  • Maximum travel expense reimbursement from ORI is $1,000. Retroactive reimbursements will not be approved.

III. Obligations of Award Recipients

 A report of the meeting’s results must be submitted to ORI within one week after returning from the trip. A thank you letter to your sponsor contact for showing interest in your work should be sent to him/her, and included as part of the report.

IV. Application Procedure

To apply, a completed application form should be submitted by the PI. A 1-2 page description* of the project must be prepared and submitted/presented to the potential sponsor. A copy of the description will be attached to the application.

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis-to apply click here.

*The Research Development Manager at ORI can assist with developing this description.


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