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Domestic & International Travel Information

University-related Travel to Domestic Destinations

Effective May 29, 2021, travel restrictions to domestic destinations have been lifted. University-related travel to domestic destinations requires standard travel authorization prior to commencing travel, except for commuting by employees or students, which does not require approval.

University-related Travel to International Destinations

University-related travel to international destinations is restricted for all students, faculty and staff. Examples of university-related travel include conferences, research, colloquia, data gathering, fieldwork, archival work, human subject research, and student organization sponsored/organized travel, to any location.

  • International university-related travel to CDC level 3 and 4 countries is restricted. Travelers to CDC level 3 or 4 countries must submit an exception request (outlined below).
  • Travel to CDC level 1 or 2 countries will no longer require an exceptional approval process. However, travelers to CDC level 1 or 2 countries are urged to consult the COVID-19 Travel Request Exceptions Checklist along with any additional applicable guidance.
  • Please note that International Emergency Travel Insurance coverage provided by UMassD does not cover evacuation or other accommodations due to disruption to travel plans resulting from a pandemic. Coverage does include medical expenses resulting from the treatment of COVID-19 but does not extend to losses for travel and accommodation expenses. Travelers should consider purchasing additional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance.
  • Travelers should be fully vaccinated before commencing travel.
  • All travel, international or domestic, must be entered in the Travel Registry, whether reimbursement is requested or not.
  • Travelers are responsible for following any governmental or public health directives in effect at their destination, such as quarantines on arrival.
  • For more information regarding international travel, consult with the U.S. Department of State and CDC.

Travel Exception Requests for Travel to CDC Level 3 or 4

Requests for university-related international travel to CDC level 3 or 4 destinations will require case-by-case approval. Exceptions for faculty, staff or student travel will require a recommendation from supervisor’s department, the dean and approval from the Travel Advisory Risk Management Committee (TARMC). TARMC will utilize various metrics for travel destinations in their decision making. Requests for TARMC review shall be submitted to Tesfay Meressi, at least 21 days prior to departure date (  All exception requests must address the topics in the COVID-19 Travel Exception Request Checklist along with additional guidance as applicable, e.g., for research involving fieldwork, etc. Deans should send their recommendations concerning exceptions to Tesfay Meressi, associate provost for graduate studies, at Any additional approvals required will be arranged by the IPO.

Personal Travel

  • Travelers returning from any international locations are advised to follow MA COVID-19 Travel Advisory.
  • Employees who are not fully vaccinated and must self-quarantine because of personal travel are required to use accrued personal or vacation time if they cannot perform their university duties during the quarantine. Employees who must quarantine and who can perform their duties remotely must obtain prior approval of their supervisor to be able to work remotely during their quarantine period in order to not use accrued personal or vacation time.

Study Abroad

COVID-19 Travel Exception Request Checklist

  • Description of type of activity and rationale for travel exception;
  • Detailed itinerary including mode of travel, dates, location;
  • Familiarity with proposed destination, COVID-19-related risks at destination, and personal risk mitigation plan;
  • Familiarity with U.S. Consular locations and services at the proposed destination;
  • Familiarity with any entry/exit requirements for destination as well as entry restrictions to the U.S.;
  • Familiarity with UMass International Travel & Medical insurance and COVID-19-related exclusions;
  • Appropriate research approvals sought and obtained (e.g., fieldwork or archival research permission, human subjects’ permission, RLOPS, etc.);
  • Maintain communication to receive updates or get assistance related to COVID-19 and changing policies;
  • Maintain flexibility to alter travel plans at any time, self-isolate if necessary, or return home
  • Must register travel with the UMass Travel Registry AND the US Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP);
  • Must undertake to return home if mandated by the university, unless ill and unable to return.