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Eligibility for using the Health Service

Any fee paying matriculated student, undergraduate or graduate, full-time or part-time, may utilize the Health Service programs. 

Immunization  requirement

Upon admission to the University and prior to completing registration, every full time student, international student, resident student and health science major is required to complete and submit an immunization form (see health forms) for review by a health care provider. All residential students are required to complete these requirements prior to moving into the residence halls.

Documented proof of immunization against Covid, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, chicken pox and Hepatitis B is mandatory for a clearance to be completed. Additionally, all new residential students must either receive the meningitis vaccine or sign a meningitis waiver (see forms)

Cost of service

Each time you visit Health Services for care we bill your insurance (whether it's your student health insurance plan through the university, your own plan, or a family health insurance plan). The mandatory student fee is considered the co-pay.

*Health insurance is required for laboratory work and x-rays, which is sent to an outside lab (Quest).


All medical care is confidential. You have the right to expect that your medical records will be kept confidential, and that access to information about you will be limited to those legitimately involved in your care. Your medical records will be released only in cases of medical emergencies (including threats of harm to self or others), in response to court ordered subpoenas or to persons you specify with your written consent.

Information will be released in the following situations as required by law:

  • Some communicable diseases must be reported to the Department of Health
  • Immunization records must be available for some UMass Dartmouth officials and state inspectors

Health insurance policy

International students on a visa who plan to attend UMass Dartmouth will automatically be enrolled in the Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program at UMass Dartmouth. These students will not be allowed to waive the school insurance. An exception can be made if a student has appropriate coverage with an American based insurance through a spouse or his/her embassy or coverage under a Fulbright plan. 

Any domestic student who waives school health insurance, must have insurance that meets the QSHIP Guidelines and be billable in the local UMass Dartmouth area.

Absence excuse policy

Health Services does not issue sick notes. If you are ill, you should notify your professor prior to missing class. In certain circumstances, a clinician may need to exclude you from class; for example, when you have a communicable disease. Otherwise, no excuses are written.

If a student wants proof of a visit, you may request a transaction sheet from the clerical desk in Health Services.

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