Protestant Campus Ministry

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Welcome from Rev. Damgaard

Rev. Dr. Neil Damgaard, Th.M., D.Min.

Protestant Chaplain

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508-999-8872 or Ext. 8872 (The Center for Religous and Spiritual Life)

I am here to minister to anyone and everyone that I can. My heart is to be a blessing and an encouragement to anyone on campus seeking a Protestant perspective on spirituality, Christian discipleship, Bible study and prayer. Personally, I found faith on a college campus in 1972 and have had campus ministry in my heart ever since!

Contact me at any time and we can get together in the Campus Center for coffee, chatting, prayer, etc. I am on campus for a couple of hours each on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I work in support of the UMass Dartmouth Christian Fellowship and can direct any students in that direction too, to the proper leaders, who are as follows (’14-’15):

Assisted by UMD staff associates Matthew and Rebecca Litchfield, CRU field staff (both UMD class of 2011), who expect to be on campus often Fall 2014! Sharon Kumar (President) assisted by e-board members Nathanael Kelly (V.P.), Jessie Radgowski (Treasurer) & Cherian Thomas (Sec.)

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship support
Assisted by UMD Staff associate Jeremy Ogunba, IVCF staff
OFFICERS for 2014-15: Shana Cenafils (President), assisted by e-board members Destiny De La Rosa (V.P.), Jillian Chan (Treasurer), Werlaine Raymond (Sec.) & Luvie Jean (Social Chairperson) 


What denomination is this?

The chaplain is Pastor of Dartmouth Bible Church (across from campus on Morton Avenue) which is affiliated with Converge, Worldwide (the Baptist General Conference.) His training is from Dallas Theological Seminary and ordination was by Presbyterian ministers. The campus ministry reaches out, from a Christian perspective, to anyone seeking God, and serves those of any Protestant and non-denominational Christian backgrounds.

What if I'm not Protestant?

There are Roman Catholic and Jewish chaplains available, and we'll be happy to put you in touch with them. There is also a Muslim Student Association and a Hindu chaplain from Providence available.

Can you help me find a local church?

Yes. Please stop by the offices or email the Reverend Neil Damgaard ( We would be happy to help you find a good church in the area.

Prayer and Bible Study

Religious Resource Center - Protestant Ministry - Image3Faculty/Staff Bible Studytimes determined semester by semester

Occasional Semester Beginning Prayer Rallies

National Day of Prayer (first Thursday of each May)


Our Values

  • God. It's all about God, especially as he showed himself in Jesus Christ.
  • Authenticity/being real. If its not real, its not the deal.
  • Diversity. “Protestant” implies a diversity of various denominational perspectives, from Baptist to Pentecostal to Nazarene to Congregational, etc. Our unifying center is the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Word.
  • Questions. No question is off limits. Ask, and we shall search to find an answer!
  • Community. God made people so that we do better when we're less isolated.
  • Creativity. This is the way God made us. We can imagine, explore and create new ministries as the Lord opens doors and stretches our imaginations.
  • Experience. Words are one thing. The knowledge that comes from experiencing God is something else. Jesus offers new life, and He intends for that to be alive, renewed, reborn, rejuvenated and refreshed.