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Workshop Readings

Workshop Core Readings

Workshop Core Texts to be given to workshop participants

  • Jeffrey Bolster. Black Jacks African American Seamen in the Age of Sail. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press (1997).
  • David Cecelski. The Waterman's Song: Slavery and Freedom In Maritime North Carolina. University of North Carolina Press (2001).
  • Kathryn Grover. The Fugitive's Gibraltar: Escaping Slaves and Abolitionism in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Amherst, Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Press (2001).
  • Thomas H. Jones. The Experience of Thomas H. Jones, Who was a Slave for Forty-Three Years (1862; Facsimile Reprint). Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publications Inc. (1997).
  • Mary Malloy. African Americans in the Maritime Trades: A Guide to Resources in New England. Sharon, Massachusetts: Kendall Whaling Museum Monograph Series No. 6 (1990).

Informational Resources

Printable version of Workshop Core Readings (pdf)