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College Matchmaker Survey

This tool is primarily used for students who do not have any specific colleges of interest.

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Click on College Matchmaker

Notice at the top of the page, there is the number 3856 (or similar number).
This is the total matches found prior to answering any questions. Each time you complete a page of questions and click next, this number will change. If the number drops to 0, then you must return to the previous page and change an answer.

Check this number every time you begin a new page

Note: It is important to only be specific on questions that really mean the most to you. Select "No Preference" for questions that you do not feel strongly about or for questions that may limit your search.

Example: You may be very interested in the school newspaper or dance. However if you select these two items your matches found may drop to O.

Step 3:

Begin to answer survey questions

Step 4:

Once the number of matches found is reduced to 15-25 schools, select "See Results"

Step 5:

Review the list of matches and begin to research schools on an individual basis.

Individual College Search

This tool is used when students begin to refine their search and have specific colleges they are interested in learning more about or to use as a comparison tool.

  • Use the same box you went to for the college matchmaker survey
  • Instead of clicking on college matchmaker, you may type in a specific college name
  • Listed below is a picture of the menu bar used for matchmaker and individual searches
College Matchmaker
Type of SchoolLocationCampus LifeActivities & SportsMajors & AcademicsAdmissionCost & Financial aidDeadlines
  • You may scroll through each page by selecting next and the bottom of each page
  • Or you may click on specific headings in the menu bar to quickly bring you to specific information you are looking for
  • Collegeboard does not always have complete information from each school. This website is to be used as a tool and for complete statistics on colleges you should always contact the admissions office at colleges of interest.
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