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Sophomore Timeline


  • Be sure you are taking challenging courses
  • Work hard to get good grades
  • Try to narrow down your interests and identify your abilities and interests

October - June

  • Consider taking the PSAT/NMSQT. Some schools offer this test in your sophomore year. However, a majority of schools offer this test in your JUNIOR year. Many sophomores take this test for practice. However, check with your guidance counselor on what is the appropriate step for you to take.
  • Start to explore and discuss college options. Gather information, go to college fairs, and make informal college visits. Explore your interests and dislikes in terms of college majors and career options.
  • Select appropriate courses for the 11th grade. Again, discuss college interest with your guidance counselor and parents.
  • Plan appropriate summer activities to build on your skills
  • Update your activities and awards file. You should keep a file on all of your information regarding school, work, leadership activities, community service, sports, etc.
  • If you have not already started a savings account, do so now! It is important for you to start saving now.
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