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Policy and Procedures



Academic Expectations:

  • Tutors will not do your homework for you.
  • Tutors are not instructors. Tutoring is supplemental to instruction. It does not take place of attending classes.
  • We encourage you to meet with your instructor to discuss assignments and content prior to a tutoring visit.
  • All students will comply with Division of Student Affairs Community Standards, Code of Student Conduct.

Tutoring Session Preparation

  • You must bring your notes, texts, handouts and other relevant materials.
  • You must come to tutoring sessions prepared by reviewing assigned chapters, articles, handouts, notes and other relevant materials.
  • Tutees and Tutors are expected to be on time for all scheduled appointments.

Tutoring Center Attendance Policy:

Cancellations and No-Show:

Repeated cancellations and No-Show/Missed will result in the loss of tutoring services.

  1. If you can not attend your appointment, you are required to cancel at least 3 hours before the start time of the appointment. Otherwise, the appointment will be marked as Canceled/Missed.
  2. To cancel the appointment, go to your TutorTrac home page, open your schedule, click on the X icon on the appointment you are cancelling.
  3. If you accumulate 5 or more Canceled/Missed appointments, you will be blocked form all tutoring services until you meet with ARC Staff to discuss policies and procedures.

Tutoring Center Policies:

  • Students must Log in before your In-Person tutoring/advising/meeting begins. Online sessions are logged in as soon as the online link has been clicked.
  • All appointments are in 1-hour durations. 
  • You will be allowed 3 appointments per center, per subject each 7 days when availability allows. 
  • Appointments are limited to 1 appointment per subject, per consultant, per day. Consecutive appointments are not allowed.
  • Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to tutors and support staff.
  • We work to build a welcoming environment where everyone feels safe and supported across physical and virtual spaces. Offensive, discriminatory, or hurtful language and actions will not be tolerated; please be kind to everyone in the center.
  • Please refrain from asking tutors for their personal information.

We reserve the right to deny services to any individual who fails to adhere to these policies or does not come prepared to participate in their session. 




Making a tutoring appointment

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