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Budget Information

UMass Dartmouth is one of five campuses in the UMass System. The UMass Dartmouth Budget Office is responsible for managing the Campus Budget cycle and reporting results to the Central Administration offices for consolidation. The Budget Office is primarily a planning group and as such, develops forecasts and measures for evaluating financial performance. The Budget Office works across all campus functions to develop both operating and capital budgets and proformas. It is also responsible for overseeing and providing guidance to ensure that fiscal obligations are met in accordance to budgetary constraints, and university policy.

The Budget Office works cooperatively with the UMass Dartmouth Controller's Office to provide services related to the University's financial software package. Some of the services provided include (but are not limited to):

  • Establishing and maintaining user security privileges (the financial software platform)
  • Establishing Original Base Budgets
  • Perform budget adjustments, transfers, and carry forwards to resolve budget errors

Outside of the financial system, the Budget Office works closely with all university departments to develop and track personnel budgets for all university employees.

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