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Campus Revenue

Campus’ Major Sources of Revenue

The campus displays its revenue from both state appropriation and operating funds perspective.  State appropriation funds are appropriated by the state legislature and are only used for payroll due to the fringe cost savings.  

Each year the University is asked by the President's Office to submit the fee requests that will support the upcoming year's budget. Tuition and Fees are broken down into two categories: Mandatory and Non-mandatory. Mandatory Fees are those fees that all students are required to pay and consist of: Tuition; Curriculum Support Fees, Student Fees, Health Service Fee, Campus Center Fee. These fees must be voted and approved by the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees.


Each year, the Legislature appropriates a portion of the State budget for allocation to the University of Massachusetts. The funding identified for UMass is shown as one main line item in the state budget; special funding for UMass initiatives are shown on separate lines.  There is no fixed formula that determines how much will be set aside each year for the Five Campus System.  The state appropriation is initiated with the publication of the Governor's Budget and is not finalized until the Legislature has had an opportunity to make overrides; a process which spans over several months.  The appropriated amount can change in any of the steps along the way.

Annual Operating Budget
Once the state budget is final, the UMass President's Office allocates a portion of the state appropriation to each of the five campuses based upon strategic priorities for the UMass System. Traditionally, the Dartmouth Campus has received approximately 11% of the state appropriation. 

Revenue sources schedule outlines 2 years of the University's general operating revenue sources that is included in the current budgeting process. This doesn't include restricted revenues, auxiliaries (i.e. dining, housing, and campus service), PCE, miscellaneous, indirect, or other student fees.  This schedule is used for executive level decision-making.


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