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Budget and Finance

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Budget and Finance provides technical assistance, training and support to University administrators and its departments in developing and implementing short and long-range financial plans here at the Dartmouth campus. Our goals are to direct and manage the planning and budgeting cycle, to provide accurate and useful information in a transparent user-friendly format for internal planning and the decision making process, to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the University reporting and to utilize those reports to inform decision-making.

Mission statement

Serve the UMass Dartmouth community by providing financial and related services.

As leaders in the stewardship of the UMass Dartmouth financial resources, we have a unique responsibility to faculty, staff, students, the Board of Trustees, and external parties to:

  • Develop, analyze, and maintain budgeting, accounting, and reporting procedures and systems.
  • Manage a transparent and timely annual budgeting process.
  • To manage feasibility and alternatives analysis in the early stages of the planning process that integrate physical planning and financial analysis to support decisions and to improve understanding of the trade-offs involved for different levels of the university.
  • Ensure compliance with UMass Dartmouth and external fiduciary requirements in order to sustain public trust.
  • Engage in high quality, conscientious, responsive and effective services.
  • Protect public assets by adhering to professional standards and best business practices.

Core values

In providing high quality financial services to the campus, Budget and Finance is committed to the following core values:

  • Service culture – Providing professional services to the campus community that are customer-oriented and responsive to user needs.
  • Transparency – Providing accurate financial and budgeting information in a timely, useful and transparent format and accessible through the internet.
  • Continuous improvement – Providing innovative budgeting methods, technical assistance and support to implement the best practices with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Accountability – Directing and managing budgeting and reporting systems that have integrity and provide competent stewardship of public assets.
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