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Budget Reports


Annual Financial Report

The annual Financial Report of the University of Massachusetts includes financial statements that incorporate all financial activity of the University and its five campuses. The information presented in the Financial Report is designed to aid in the assessment of the effectiveness of the University’s management of its resources in meeting its primary mission of instruction, research, and public service.

UMass 2023 Annual Financial Report

Operating Budget

The UMass Board of Trustees, by statute, annually approves the University's operating budget.  The budget usually comes before the Board in June and reflects the spending plan of the University leadership.

Annual Operating Budget

Financial Aid Report

Each year, the University produces a report on financial aid.  The report provides information about the various amounts of grant and loan aid by source and type, as well as data regarding student participation in the financial aid program.

Financial Aid Report

State Budget Request

The University annually submits a budget request to the legislature and Governor based on a longstanding formula.  The formula takes into account such factors as undergraduate and graduate enrollment levels, student to faculty ratios, instructional and administrative support needs, facilities requirements, research levels, and financial aid, and is used by stakeholders to assess the degree of state funding needed.

State Budget Requests

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