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Cedar Dell Clearing

In the fall of 2010, trees that had encroached on a wetland and obscured the view to Cedar Dell Pond were removed according to a Forestry Management Plan approved by Massachusetts authorities. This action not only restored the landscape that campus designer Paul Rudolph originally established, it improved the living conditions for flora and fauna that inhabit the marshy area.

This aspect of the Living Classroom Project is also part of a national Sustainable SITES initiative that makes our campus one of 150 locations in the U.S. testing and setting standards for responsible ecosystem maintenance. This UMass Dartmouth model of sustainable landscape stewardship partners the University with the Dartmouth Conservation Commission, Massachusetts Department of Wildlife, Walden Forestry Conservation in Westport, and G. Bourne Knowles Landscaping Co. in Fairhaven.

Together, these partners are working with UMass Dartmouth to implement a forest management plan that restores wetland habitats and ensures that undeveloped acres remain healthy. Trails are also being cleared and marked with informational signage to encourage public access and recreation.

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