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The College Now/START program can help turn your dream of college into a reality. You may feel like you aren’t "college material." Perhaps you haven’t done well academically because of social or personal difficulties. Others may have discouraged you from applying to college.

An alternative admissions program

College Now/START is UMass Dartmouth's alternative admissions program. Hundreds of students who once ruled out college are now UMass Dartmouth graduates, thanks to College Now/START. Through academic counseling, instruction, and individualized attention, the program helped them with admission to the university and supported them through their academic careers.

In the fall of 2022, over 180 students enrolled at the university through the College Now/START program. Because of all they have in common, College Now/START students become a close-knit group and a source of encouragement and support for one another.

College Now/START was there for these students—it can be there for you.

An academic support program

College Now/START supports academically disadvantaged students. As a College Now student, you’ll be a full-time student with the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of all UMass Dartmouth students. Our Fall Academic Program will prepare you to perform to your fullest at the university. Counselors will aid you in goal setting, course selection, academic achievement, and short- and long-term program planning.

After successfully completing the Fall Academic Program, you will become a degree candidate and can major in UMass Dartmouth’s full range of academic programs.

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