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Fall Academic Program

The transition from high school to college can be challenging and may require adjustments to ensure academic success and personal development. As a College Now/START student, you’ll benefit from a first-year experience consisting of a skill-building seminar course, academic development, and student support services.

First Year Seminar

UNV 101 - Introduction to the University will familiarize you with campus resources and services as you transition to college, and reinforce successful study strategies. You’ll also develop an appreciation for cultural diversity, and assess personal learning styles as you set academic, career, and personal goals. The course provides 3 academic credits.

Academic development

During the fall semester, you’ll be placed in courses based on your intended major and the results of your placement testing. Some of these classes may be developmental. To aid in your academic success, the program staff maintains ongoing communication with faculty.

Student support

You’ll be assigned a program counselor who will schedule regular meetings for your first year. The program counselor will provide support by:

  • teaching the UNV 101 course
  • monitoring your academic performance
  • assisting you with academic advising
  • promoting understanding of university resources, policies, and regulations

In addition to your program counselor, upper-level students will serve as peer mentors and tutors to offer support and guidance. Students will also work with tutors for their classes through the Academic Resource Center.

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