Ouida Dowd

Clinical Assistant Professor

Nursing & Health Sciences / Community



Dion 308E


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Fundamentals of healthcare informatics concepts and information management in healthcare practice. Healthcare technology trends, contemporary issues, and the role of the nurse in development and evaluation of informatics applications are explored. Topics include a broad overview of consumer health informatics, electronic health records, security and confidentiality, decision support systems, evidence-based practice, quality and patient safety, and standards of practice.
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Theories and concepts associated with leadership and organizational skills are discussed as they pertain to the role of the professional nurse in the healthcare environment. Knowledge and skills associated with functioning as a leader of care as well as a ;member of the healthcare team are identified, including strategies to enhance personal and professional effectiveness. Contemporary health care issues are discussed related to quality and patient safety and the role of the nurse as leader in effecting improved patient outcomes individually and in teams. Course development was guided by the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (2008).
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This course examines disease processes in humans. Content selected for study is chosen specifically to enhance the RN students understanding of basic pathophysiologic concepts, and is essential to understand the rationale for clinical judgment and therapeutic intervention in disease conditions. Humans' ability to adapt to stressors is discussed throughout the course. Concepts of pharmacology and drug therapy are integrated to allow students to utilize this information in clinical practice.
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This course focuses on the nurse's role in guiding persons with chronic illness and their families through the health care experience. The course builds upon the RN student's knowledge from nursing theory, clinical practice, and research that supports a holistic perspective of the experience of chronic illness. Selected concepts of chronic illness such as quality of life, altered mobility, sexuality, body image, stigma, social isolation, compliance and chronic pain are the foundation knowledge for promoting health within the chronic illness experience. The challenges placed on chronically ill adults and their families in negotiating for care within the health delivery system are explored as they relate to patient outcomes. ANA (2010) Scope and Standards of Practice guides nursing care as well as the AACN 2008 Baccalaureate Essentials.
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