Jose Domingo Mora

Associate Professor

Management & Marketing



Charlton College of Business 219


Universidad Central de Venezuela B.A. in Communication Management
University of Southern California M.A. in Communication Management
2010 Simon Fraser University Ph.D in Marketing


  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Advertising
  • Promotional strategy and principles of marketing

Research interests

  • Social influence and group behavior in the context of electronic media audiences
  • Use of social media by organizations
  • Statistical modeling of consumer behavior

Select publications

Mora, J. D., Krider, R. E., & Ho, J. (2015).
Who Decides What to Watch on TV at Home? Insights from People-Meter Data in Mexico
Journal of Advertising Research, 55(1)

Mora, J. D., Ho, J., & Krider, R. E. (2012).
Television co-viewing in Mexico: An assessment on people meter data
Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 55(4), 448-469.

Mora, J. D. & Ganim-Barnes, N. (2011).
Online media in fast-growing companies: Adoption, usage and relation to revenues
Marketing Management Journal, 21(2), 136-152.

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