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Charge: review admissions and admissions numbers, financial aid, enrollment management, and admission standards


Charge: conduct an annual review of the Constitution and by-laws and make recommendations as appropriate 

General Education

Charge: establish, maintain, and periodically update lists of designated courses that satisfy each of the categories of general education requirements

Grade Appeal Board

Charge: hear grade appeals from undergraduate and graduate students

Graduate Program

Charge: review policy regarding PhD programs, standards and review, and graduate admissions and make recommendations to the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies


Charge: advise the Honors Program Director in fostering development and overseeing all aspects of the University's Honors Program

Institutional Review Board

Charge: protect the rights of human subjects in University research projects


Charge: review library policies that impact academics, including, but not limited to, library hours, significant changes in collections, and access to resources

Police Review and Racial Equity (Ad Hoc)

Charge: examine the budget, organization, operation, and policies involving policing and public safety on the UMass Dartmouth campus, and make recommendations for changes, if needed

Policy and Process Review

Charge: accept and review formal proposals from Faculty to alter any administrative policy, guideline, procedure, or process


Charge: review policies that impact Faculty research

Student Activities

Charge: coordinate with student groups to organize and/or co-sponsor activities that no only entertain but that bring together the campus community, further the academic goals of the institution, and encourage Faculty, staff, and student participation

Student-Faculty Academic Affairs

Charge: review academic regulations and policies

Study Abroad (Ad Hoc)

Charge: using the preliminary report from 2018, look to see if the original issues have been resolved and whether the proposed reforms still make sense, especially in light of the challenges presented by COVID


Charge: review Faculty technology needs in the areas of instruction and research

University Curriculum 

Charge: consider and make recommendations to the Provost for action on all undergraduate degree programs or certificates being proposed by any of the Colleges