University Curriculum Committee

University Curriculum Committee - AY 2019/2020 Roster

Committee Chair: TBD

Paul Bacdayan Management & Marketing BUS 20-May
Jianyi Wang Physics Department EGR 20-May
Judy Schaaf English Department HUM 20-May
Nancy Street Nursing NUR 20-May
Elizabeth Hart Med Laboratory Science Dept NSCI 20-May
Jennifer Fugate Psychology Department SSCI 20-May
Scott Ahrens Art and Design VPA 20-May
Sonia Pacheco Library Archives LIB 20-May
Shakhnoza Kayumova STEM Educ & Teacher Development EDU 20-May
Steven Cadrin Fisheries Oceanography SMAST 20-May
Emma Wood Law School LAW 20-May
Sundermeyer Miles Estuarine & Ocean Sciences SMAST 20-May
Laura Forker Decision & Information Science BUS 21-May
Alan Hirshfeld Physics Department EGR 21-May
Shari Evans English Department HUM 21-May
Monika Schuler Adult Nursing NUR 21-May
Whitney Hable Biology NSCI 21-May
Brian Ayotte Psychology SSCI 21-May
Anna Dempsey Art History, Art Education, & Media Studies VPA 21-May
Kenneth Saltman Education Leadership Dept EDU 21-May
Michael Hillinger Law School LAW 21-May

Committee Charge:

This Committee will consider and make recommendations to the Provost for action on all undergraduate degree programs or certificates being proposed by any of the Colleges.

This Committee will consider and make recommendations to the Provost for action on all proposals for the establishment or discontinuance of graduate programs or graduate certificates at the University.

This Committee will make recommendations to the Provost for action on all new courses or programs which involve the Faculty from two (2) or more Colleges, or courses required for students outside the college in which the course is being offered. The Committee will also make recommendations on new programs, certificates or courses falling outside one of the established Colleges, or where the location of the new course, certificate or program is itself a matter of debate.

This Committee will be the Hearing Committee when there is disagreement between departments of two (2) Colleges, one (1) of which requires a course for its majors in another department and the other which provides that course.

This Committee will serve as an Appeals Committee if the recommendations of the Dean of the College and the College Curriculum Committee should differ.