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Distinguished Art Fellowships

Nomination Process

Distinguished Art Fellowships will only be awarded to applicants who are nominated.

To nominate an applicant for a Distinguished Art Fellowship, the MFA Graduate Program Director should send an e-mail to the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies indicating his/her wish to nominate the student (multiple nominations are allowed).

A Distinguished Art Fellow must have an identified faculty sponsor who has agreed to supervise the student. The faculty sponsor should be named in the e-mail. Distinguished Art Fellows may change advisors after their arrival (subject to approval by both the MFA Graduate Program Director and the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies), but they must have an identified advisor when they enter the program.

The nomination should include a short paragraph indicating the reasons the nominated student should be particularly considered. Personal knowledge of the student´s work and knowledge about the quality of his/her previous program of study should be addressed.

Students from excellent undergraduate art programs will be the students most seriously considered for these fellowships.

Final selection of Distinguished Art Fellows will be made by the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies in consultation with the MFA Graduate Program Director and the Dean of the College of Visual & Performing Arts. The selection process will include a presentation by the faculty sponsor to the selection committee on the significance and potential of the student´s work.

Selection of Distinguished Art Fellows will occur in March, so nominations should be sent no later than March 1.

Distinguished Art Fellowships will also provide up to $750 per candidate to bring potential Distinguished Art Fellows to campus on recruitment visits. After a student has been selected as a Distinguished Art Fellow, the faculty sponsor is expected to arrange for the student to visit the campus if possible. Student travel needs to be approved and arranged in consultation with the Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies.

Additional information

Distinguished Art Fellowships will be available for students applying to the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. These fellowships are intended to attract students of unusual artistic ability. Distinguished Art Fellows will receive $12,000 per year and full tuition and CSF waivers for up to three years as MFA students subject to maintaining full-time status, a 3.5 GPA and making satisfactory progress in the program.

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