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Online Prepayments

Housing Online Prepayment


For the 2019-2020 Room Selection period, Housing & Residential Education will be accepting housing prepayments online. Please note that these $200 payments are NONREFUNDABLE. Parents and students should communicate to ensure that the prepayment is not made twice.

Students who are Endeavor Scholars, Commonwealth Scholars, Pell Grant Recipients, or in the College Now program should NOT make a deposit; those students should (after making sure their balance is less than $1000) comes to the housing office between February 11 and March 1. Students should present their ID to the front desk worker and receive a receipt (and keep that receipt, just in case!)

Students with a balance of greater than $1000 will not be allowed to make the prepayment or participate in ANY portion of room selection, including being pulled in by other students.


The link to the housing prepayment page is here. (you must be logged in to the portal at to access)


Once you have made the nonrefundable $200 prepayment, your next step is dependent on whether or not you are interested in thematic housing. Thematic housing is broken down as follows:

  • Graduate/Law Student Housing - Ivy Hall
  • Honors Housing - Hickory Hall
  • Quiet Housing (Junior/Senior) - Evergreen Hall
  • Substance Awareness Housing (Junior/Senior) - Hickory Hall
  • Quiet Housing (Sophomore) - Pine Dale Hall
  • Substance Awareness Housing (Sophomore) - Pine Dale Hall
  • Sophomore Nursing/Engineering - Oak Glen

Students who ARE interested in thematic housing need to come to the housing office between March 1 and March 9 in order to fill out a THEMATIC HOUSING APPLICATION. This must be done by any student wishing to live in any themed housing for next year, even if the student is already in that theme! (Example: a student currently in honors housing DOES need to fill out an application in order to live in honors housing for next year.)

Students who are NOT interested in thematic housing should wait patiently until the random assignment of timeslots, which will take place between March 19 and March 21. More information will follow.