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It is but natural for any individual to feel lost with deep anxiety, when one steps into an alien country for the first time, due to the diversity of geographical & cultural environment. Indian Students Association (ISA) endeavors to graciously fill in this void and enhance the comfort level of every individual. This is basically the preliminary phase where ISA renders all possible assistance to the confused & anxious student from India ­ from reception at airport of arrival right up to UMassd campus, subsequently catering to one's arrangements of stay & housing along with ones day to day needs, all of which are meticulously met, thereby providing the individual the much desired relaxed atmosphere. Every effort is made to ensure that the new student attains the highest comfort level, both physically & mentally, especially so in the alien environment, which in fact is the primary objective of ISA.

Further, it is universal truth, that every human being craves for preserving & upholding ones social & cultural heritage and one rarely ventures to disassociate oneself from the roots of ones birth place. Hence ISA ensures organizing various social & cultural activities all year around, like Indian festivals & celebrations, gatherings, sports competitions, etc, thereby facilitating continuity of the rich heritage inherited from India, despite being abroad. Sustained, dedicated efforts are made by ISA to build a strong family bonding at the University campus ­ effectively creating a Mini-India!

Moreover, at the horizon of this modern era of globalization, at this international campus of UMassD, it is inevitable to modulate togetherness and generate harmony, promoting the concept of community living within the campus, amongst all international students, with diverse backgrounds, from almost 52 countries across the world - effectively creating a Mini-World! ISA leaves no stone unturned to demonstrate & exchange the flavors of the rich cultures across the world ­ which makes UMassD campus a unique place on earth, no less than a Paradise & consequently making the world appear smaller & flatter.

The resultant outcome of all these above sustained efforts by ISA facilitates the Indian students at UMassD feel homely and thus enables them to withdraw the thought, that, in reality they are thousands of miles away from their families & homes. This in turn, enhances the efficiency of the individual to concentrate on ones studies and succeed with flying colors at UMassD. This, in fact, is the Ultimate Objective of ISA and hence rest assured that, ISA shall endeavor to merit the confidence & satisfaction, in all respects, of every Indian student at the UMassD campus.


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