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Jeanne's Cupboard

Jeanne's Cupboard

Current schedule

(for online shopping and pickup only)

UMass Pass

In order to better serve our guests and assure that all guests are receiving what they need based on our pantry guidelines, we request that you present your student ID when picking up your order. We will no longer be able to accept the ID number verbally. Non-UMass guests may continue to use the ID number provided to them. 

Scheduled pickup

Please pick up your order within 30 minutes of your scheduled pickup time. If for some reason you are unable to do so, please change your pickup day/time in the system or contact the Cupboard at 508-999-8603. Thank you. If a pickup is missed without contacting the Cupboard, your account will be placed on hold until you speak to a staff member at the Cupboard. 

Current schedule (effective April 4, 2024)

When you place an order, you will select a day/time to pickup your order. The basic daily schedule is as follows:

Monday: 9am-1, 4:30-7
Tuesday: 9:30-2
Wednesday: 9am-2:30pm
Thursday: 10am-5pm, 5:30-7
Friday 9-11, 4:30-7:30

*A reminder that Jeanne's Cupboard is for filling emergency food needs only. It is not intended to act as a  local grocery store. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Important notice

If you should find yourself with an emergency food need, please feel free to contact the Student Affairs office or Deacon Frank Lucca.

Jeanne's Cupboard has moved to our new location at the Woodland Commons.

We currently offer online orders/pickup only. Pickups for online orders will be at the Woodland Commons location.

In-cupboard shopping

We now offer in-Cupboard shopping. To access our in-Cupboard shopping register online for an account. Registration is now open.

Click on sign-up and complete the form. It is important to complete all of the fields as that provides us important data which helps us with reporting to receive grants and funding. Your information is confidential and is not shared with anyone outside of Jeanne's Cupboard supervisory staff. Please remember your user name and password.

When you visit the Cupboard, simply give your UMass Pass ID# and check-out.

Online orders only are accepted

Jeanne's Cupboard contactless ordering and pickup 

We will continue to offer online ordering and contactless pickup. 

The first step is to register online for an account. Registration is now open. 

Click on sign-up and complete the form. It is important to complete all of the fields as that provides us important data which helps us with reporting to receive grants and funding. Your information is confidential and is not shared with anyone outside of Jeanne's Cupboard supervisory staff.

Upon completing the registration, you will be directed to our online store. Place your order in your online cart and complete the order. You will be asked when you would like to pick up your order. Orders may be picked up just inside the door of Jeanne's Cupboard (Woodland Commons) at various times during the week. Simply select the date and time of pick-up (pick-up times are organized in ten-minute blocks to keep too many guests from being in the pickup space at one time. ) 

You will receive an email as well as text messages to remind you to pick up your order. When you arrive at the Cupboard you will find your order in an order bin labeled with your student ID number.

Future orders may be placed at the same link as above with your username and password. Orders may be placed once a day and there may be some limitations to the quantities you can order, but we will do all we can to provide what our guests need.

Any student, faculty or staff with a UMASS PASS may shop Jeanne's Cupboard. Those with families are welcome to shop for the family.

Volunteer at Jeanne's Cupboard

We certainly appreciate all of the volunteers that have served our guests over the years and we look forward to welcoming more volunteers.

To volunteer, please visit CorsairENGAGE: Arnie's Cupboard Shifts to register and select a schedule.


Finally, Jeanne's Cupboard is always in need of donations. Items may be dropped off at Jeanne's Cupboard at any time. Items will be quarantined for 24 hours before being shelved and made available to our guests. Monetary donations are always welcome and may be made by navigating to  and then choose: fund of your choice and Jeanne's Cupboard is listed there.

If you are unable to keep your pickup appointment it is important that you contact the Cupboard at 508-999-8603 or

Jeanne's Cupboard has the mission to eradicate hunger in our UMassD community. We are prepared to assist Corsairs in need. If ever an emergency need arises during off hours, please contact us at or

For additional information, please contact Deacon Frank Lucca, Jeanne's Cupboard supervisor, at or 508-999-8872. 

The Jeanne's Cupboard Team

SNAP Information: What are the SNAP rights as a Massachusetts College Student

Jeanne's Cupboard is sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs. The purpose of Jeanne's Cupboard is to supplement the food supply for any UMass Dartmouth students/faculty/staff who may be experiencing food insecurity.

College students who experience food insecurity often struggle to support themselves while working, attending classes, and dealing with other life issues. Jeanne's Cupboard hopes to minimize food insecurity while UMass Dartmouth students work toward completing their education.

Accesibility: Jeanne's Cupboard is now fully accessible.


To volunteer, please visit CorsairENGAGE to register and select a schedule.

Download and print flyers

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