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How to register

Making use of Jeanne's Cupboard

Welcome. Please take a few minutes to review this information so that you will have a better idea about how to make use of Jeanne's Cupboard.

The purpose of Jeanne's Cupboard is to provide supplemental food and other necessities to students, faculty, and staff who need this kind of assistance.

To be eligible for our services, you must be enrolled student, staff or faculty member with a UMass Pass. 

Registration Process

The first step is to register online for an account. Registration is now open.

In-Cupboard Shopping

We now offer in-Cupboard shopping. Simply register as above. When you checkout at Jeanne's Cupboard, just provide them you UMass Pass ID#.

Online Shopping and Contactless Pickup

Click on sign-up and complete the form. It is important to complete all of the fields as that provides us important data which helps us with reporting to receive grants and funding. Your information is confidential and is not shared with anyone outside of Arnies Cupboard supervisory staff.

Upon completing the registration, you will be directed to our online store. Place your order in your online cart and complete the order. You will be asked when you would like to pick up your order. Orders may be picked up outside of Arnies Cupboard (Room 208 Main Auditorium building) at various times during the week. Simply select the date and time of pick-up (pick-up times are organized in ten-minute blocks to keep too many guests from being in the pickup space at one time. )

You will receive an email as well as text messages to remind you to pick up your order. When you arrive at the Cupboard you will find your order in an order bin labeled with your student ID number.

Future orders may be placed at the same link as above with your username and password. Orders may be placed once a day and there may be some limitations to the quantities you can order, but we will do all we can to provide what our guests need.

Please contact Deacon Frank Lucca at extension 8872 or or write to should you have any questions or concerns.

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