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Lend a Hand

Interested in helping out?

Volunteer at Jeanne's Cupbard by visiting CorsairEngage at

If you would like to sponsor a food drive or fundraiser, please contact us at: 508-999-8872 or

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Jeanne's Cupbard!

Volunteer Responsibilities 

  • Support the mission of the cupboard.
  • Attend a volunteer training.
  • Be familiar with all pantry policies and procedures.
  • Be aware of other resources and organizations available for Cupboard guests.
  • Be punctual, dependable, and reliable.
  • Follow basic food safety guidelines.
  • Protect the confidentiality of Cupboard guests.
  • Be reasonably accessible through phone calls and emails.
  • Give the coordinator or designee at least 24 hours notice if you can’t make your shift.

Interacting with Cupboard Guests

  • Greet guests with a friendly and welcoming attitude.
  • Ask guests to complete a registration form if not completed online.
  • Relate with guests in a positive manner.
  • Show genuine concern for all guests of the Cupboard.
  • Listen, be polite, and serve in a professional manner, no matter the circumstance. 
  • Report any issues to a student manager or supervisor immediately.

Distributing Food

  • Help direct guests' to specific foods upon request.
  • Pack guests’ food in grocery bags.
  • Check-out guest's order.

Inventory and Maintenance

  • Track, weigh, and shelve all donated food items.
  • Shelve food items, toiletries, and supplies where they belong in the pantry.
  • Sort through food items, evaluate their fitness, and discard expired food weekly.
  • Record all discarded items on forms provided. 


  • Disinfect and wipe down surfaces that are exposed to food.
  • Sweep floors.
  • Restock hand sanitizer, soap and paper towel dispensers.(if necessary)
  • Empty trash bins as needed.
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